Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching combines both dispute resolution and coaching principles. One of the major premises of conflict coaching is that the opportunity for growth and learning exists in any situation. Conflict coaching focuses on assisting individuals to improve their competency in conflict management. It is a dynamic, practical and productive process in which individuals build their capacity to develop creative and constructive ways to handle conflict and resolve disputes that negatively impact on either their professional or personal life. Conflict Coaching is a confidential and voluntary process in which a coach works with individual clients on a one-on-one basis to:

Life Coaching

Often we struggle with making a difficult decision or choice, taking a leap in a different direction or just getting our life back on track. Life is Hard! Making the decision to work with a Life Coach improves your ability to set and achieve your personal goals. A Life Coach can help you set and achieve personal goals in your career, family, health and spiritual life. You work collaboratively with the Life Coach to set realistic goals and they work alongside you to cheer you on!