Family Mediation

Family mediation is a voluntary, consensual process in which a neutral person helps clients discuss and resolve family relationship issues. This process is often used to resolve existing conflict or prevent future conflict when:

  • couples negotiate a separation agreement providing for financial and property matters, and/or a parenting plan for any children including custody and access
  • when considering a cohabitation or prenuptual agreement
  • reintegrating a child back into the home or reconciling a relationship with an estranged or alienated parent
  • blending families in reconstituted marriages
  • business disputes arise between family members

Elder Care Mediation

As our population ages, families are facing many challenges with respect to elder care. Often this raises conflict within families concerning care of loved ones. With special training in providing elder care mediation, our elder care mediators can assist families in working together to develop mutually acceptable plans. In elder care mediation, the family members, including the parents, choose who should be involved in the discussions and the topics to be included. The elder care mediation process provides a safe and respectful place to have a conversation where important information can be gathered, ideas are listened to and agreements are worked out.

Type of Decisions:

In elder care mediation, the family may choose to discuss parental living arrangements, health and personal care, home making and repair, financial issues, trust and estate issues, power of attorney, as well as relationship issues.